Bookies: Bolster Your Profits with a Pay Per Head

Attention all bookies or anyone that wants to become a bookie or thinking of becoming a bookie. The time is now. Wait no longer. If you have a player or two, or even many players; you must consider a Pay Per Head and the services they offer.

You probably know about Pay Per Head services and what they offer or at least you know of them and quite possibly are unfamiliar with what they really do.

What do Pay Per Head services offer?

In short; everything that a bookie needs to grow a profitable sportsbook, racebook and casino. We have created a helpful checklist of services offered by a top notch, Pay Per Head.

– A full sportsbook with all the major sports available, as well as every kind of wagering option that is popular in Las Vegas sportsbooks and offshore books.
– A full racebook.
– Great casino action with all the popular casino games.
– Accounting, the entire accounting process is done for you.
– Wagering, no more handwriting tickets, grading tickets or keeping up with rain outs, a push, or tickets with no action.
– Customer service, when your clients need to speak to an agent or even phone in a bet; they can do it. They can call a live agent and speak with them on the phone, in English.
– Low cost, you do not have to be rich to work with a Pay Per Head.

Reviews of Top Pay Per Head Sites247pph $10 per week or less

Why go with a pay per head?

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. You have everything to gain. Bookies the world over; are using Pay Per head services. If bookmaking is a hobby or if it’s a full-time job, you simply can’t afford to not use a Pay Per Head.
You have a busy life and being a bookie makes it even busier. Who needs the hassle of hand writing and grading tickets? This is old school. Bookies are walking away from this simply because its enormously time consuming and the accounting that goes along with it, is a nightmare.
Saturdays and Sundays are your action days. Stop grading tickets, stop handwriting tickets. Think of all the scenarios on any given Saturday during college football. Props, quarters, halves, second halves and the early games start real early indeed! The late games usually end around 11.00 pm Eastern. Saturday alone; makes a pay per head service worth your time.

Is a Pay Per Head service expensive?

Not at all. Most Pay Per Head services charge a nominal fee of around $10 per head to start. This fee applies per player when the player gambles the first time. A player can make 1 wager per month or unlimited wagers. It’s totally up to the player but no matter the number of bets he makes; the fee is around $10. This fee can be a bit more if the player phones in his bets.

Turn your profit margins around today. Get rid of the old, ditch the hassle. There are a number on great price per head sportsbook service providers that are highly experienced, they have an outstanding reputation with top notch reviews all over the internet. They come highly recommended for all your bookie needs. They will guide you through the quick and easy process and can have you up and running today. Check them out, it will certainly be well worth your time.